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Don't have an idea or prefer to be in the first 20 hires rather than the first 2?


Tell us about yourself, the types of roles you're interested in, and we would be happy to connect you with our network of founders. 



Phase 1: Angel Investment - 2023

You'll receive curated investment pitches, vetted by The Bridge Club, based on your area of interest.  You'll also join a global network of other retired business leaders. 

We'll host live events for you to hear the pitches live. 

During this phase, investment is up to you! We're just here to connect you with start-ups. 

Phase 2: The Fund - 2024

Once we feel confident we have the right pipeline, and a few successful investments underway, we'll launch a VC fund in early 2024.


Investors who join us now will receive preferred terms and early access, should they choose to join.


Minimum check $500,000.



Inside The Bridge Club, we have compiled extensive resources to enable you to win, a list of angels eager to invest, and a pool of talent for you to pull from. 

Tell us about yourself, your company and your needs here


 Our Thesis

Alumni of top-tier professional service Firms and tech companies build great companies
Alumni of the same companies make the best strategic investors: time and capital

We connect Founders to receive guidance, build teams and raise capital, Alumni to offer time and/or capital, and Top tier talent to find jobs

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