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Welcome To The Bridge Club

The Bridge Club is a platform that connects alumni of top professional service firms and tech companies to secure angel investments, seek mentorship and find talent for key hires.


We are currently selecting 100 Founders and 100 Investors to join our waiting list and receive early access to the site (launching officially in Summer 2023).


Click the register button below to join today and take the first step towards partnering with like-minded individuals to grow your business and investment portfolio.

For Founders

We believe non-technical founders are primed to build unicorns. We bring technical expertise, and deep industry networks to founders with strong business intuition and the sales toolkit to win.

For Investors

We believe founders who have experienced high growth first hand - either via product launches, supporting transformations of businesses or in supporting large scale commercial challenges - are best positioned to build world class businesses. We have access to these founders and are ready to introduce you to them.


Register For The Bridge Club

Thank you for registering, we will be in touch soon!

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